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Scott Breitman is a truly self-made computer expert. Beginning with a passion for video games in the days when you needed a certain level of know-how to get the more advanced games to work on your computer, Scott became the neighborhood expert who his less tech-savvy friends to enjoy the wonder of 1990s computer gaming. Initially, he intended to create a business to provide computer building and repair specifically for gamers. It quickly became evident to him that gamers were not inclined to pay for his services, but businesses were. Scott started Dymin out of his basement with a friend in May 2001 and opened the retail store the same year.

Scott loves finding solutions that benefit for all involved. He says, “Winning is far more important than being right. Being right has no value to anyone but you, but creating a situation where everyone wins is valuable to all.” When he’s not working, you might find Scott singing in his cover band or enjoying the great outdoors.