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Store & Service Policy

Updated 2022-12-01

This page covers general store policies that apply to any orders or services through Dymin, including in-store policies.

Special Order & Open Box Items

Special Order and Open Box items include a 30-day Limited Warranty from Dymin. After 30 days, the warranty (if any) must be claimed by the Buyer through the manufacturer. Additionally, we may charge up to a 50% non-refundable deposit for Special Order items.
For definitions and more details, see our Warranty Policies page.


All exchanges & Trade-Ins are FINAL; No returns, refunds, or reclaiming traded merchandise. Payments will be made by cash or check (at our discretion) which can be picked up in-store or mailed within 3-4 business days.

Abandoned Equipment

Any equipment checked in for services and not claimed within 30 days of being left at a Dymin facility will be considered abandoned and will become the property of Dymin, Inc.

We’ll make multiple efforts to contact you before this happens, so you’ll have ample opportunity to make arrangements.

Your Data

Dymin is not responsible for lost or stolen data. Data backup is the sole responsibility of the customer. In order to repair your device, we may inadvertently view data contained on your device in order to facilitate servicing that device. It is your responsibility to remove any data you consider private before having your device serviced.

Software Authenticity

Dymin only services devices with legally licensed software. We may require you to provide proof of ownership, such as a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), license keys, or original receipts. We cannot install software from copied (“burned”) disks.

Accurate Diagnosis Guarantee

Dymin guarantees that our diagnosis and repairs we perform will be accurate and appropriate. We stand behind our work. This is our promise, and it has no end date.

However, as time goes on, it becomes difficult to tell whether the symptoms being experienced are being created by the same original cause, or whether it’s a new problem that coincidentally occurred right after the first issue. For example, if you have your muffler repaired, and 20 days later the car will no longer start, would you say the car repair person fixed your muffler incorrectly or broke your starter?

We tried to come to a balance between our promise to “Do It Right” and the fact that multiple, unrelated things can break one right after another. So within 7 days, should anything go wrong with your computer, we treat it as if it happened at the “same time” and there’s no additional diagnostics fee. And of course, if it ever turns out to be something we did wrong, we own it and take care of you.

So the formal policy is:

If you have a problem with a device we serviced within 7 days after you have picked it up from a Dymin repair facility, we will provide in-store diagnosis of that problem at no charge. If we determine the cause of the problem was due to any fault of ours, we will correct the problem at our expense. If the problem is determined to have been caused by factors other than our error, we will provide you with a quote for repair.

Under no conditions will Dymin be liable for problems that are caused by use of components, accessories, or software not provided by or installed by our technicians. This includes viruses, software drivers, and 3rd-party software.

Dymin Limited Warranty

All hardware products, except “Bargain Bin” items, sold by Dymin include a 30-day, 90-day, or 1-year Limited Warranty. See the Dymin Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions for complete details.

A copy of the Dymin Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions may be requested from any Dymin team member in-store, by calling us at (800) 811-3661, or may be viewed and printed on our Warranty Policies page.

Certain hardware products may include longer warranties provided by the manufacturer. These warranties are provided by the manufacturer, not Dymin, and are the Buyer’s responsibility to claim.

The 24-Hour Guarantee

Dymin guarantees that in-store computer repairs will be completed in 24 hours or less during the business week (Mon-Fri). Computer repairs that we receive on Friday through Sunday will be completed the following Monday. If we don’t meet our promise, you’re entitled to a $20 Dymin Gift Certificate for use on your next visit. The customer must make the claim at the time of pick up. Our 24-Hour Guarantee does not apply to repairs that require special order parts, server repairs, data recovery, or repairs in which a customer does not return our call within 2 hours for additional information necessary for the repair or for approval of a proposed repair.

For complete 24-Hour Guarantee details, any Dymin team member in-store, by calling us at (800) 811-3661, or may be viewed and printed on our Warranty Policies page.