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Solder Wire, Rosin Core, 63/37 Tin/Lead, 0.6mm Diameter, 12.5g Tube

Model: SOLDER-6337-0.6-T12.5


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• J&F Rosin Core 63/37 Leaded Solder is ideal for electronics soldering.  The solder is comprised of a eutectic ratio of 63% tin to 37% lead, meaning it has the lowest melting point of any other mixture of tin lead solder, and a lower melting point than either of the two parts by themselves.  This is especially beneficial when soldering electronics circuitry which can be damaged by exposure to high temperatures.
• True melting point, rather than a range
• Diameter: 0.6mm • Weight: 12.5g (0.45oz)
• Composition: 63% Tin, 37% Lead • Flux: 2.0% • Melting Point: 184.5 Celsius / 361.4 Fahrenheit

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