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Cisco Console Management Cable, Serial



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Console Cable | 6' | RJ45 to DB9 | Rollover | Light Blue Our 6 foot, Cisco compatible Light Blue DB 9 to RJ45 Rollover Console Cables are "rolled over" meaning that on connector A pin 1 connects to pin 8 on connector B, pin 2 to pin 7 respectively and so on. The unique wiring is exactly opposite on one connector as it is on the other. Configure your network the way you need to for your router, firewall, switch and more. Plus, this newer Cisco console cable is compatible with most newer Cisco equipment. Make the upgrade today. This is a fit for Cisco part numbers: CAB-CONSOLE, 72-3383-01, CAB-1700-CON=, CAB-1600-CAN=, ACS-2600ASYN=, CAB-ME-CON=, AIR-CONCAB1200=, CAB-CONSOLE-RJ45, 1401-01B7000 Quick Specs: Rollover Pinout6'Light BlueRJ45 to DB9100% CompatibleApplications: Cisco router, switch and firewall configurationCan possibly be used to configure other networking devices as well

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