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Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 Speaker System

Model: 51MF0480AA000


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Designed for use with desktops, notebooks, and iOS/Android mobile devices, the Pebble Plus 2.1-Channel Desktop Speakers from Creative features dual 2" mid-range and far-field drivers, which are angled at 45° for improved sound delivery, and a down-firing subwoofer for bass frequencies with greater clarity and depth. The Pebble Plus connects to your host system's audio jack using an an integrated 3.5mm cable, and an integrated USB Type-A cable provides power using the USB bus. Subwoofer connectivity is achieved using an integrated RCA cable, and other devices, such as iOS and Android devices, may also be connected using the 3.5mm cable. If you need increased sound output, a High Gain Mode switch delivers an output of up to 8W RMS. For added convenience, the volume controls are located on the front of the main speaker. As a whole, the Pebble Plus has a frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz and a signal to noise ratio ≥75 dB.

Note: If you're using the Pebble Plus with a USB 2.0 port, it requires a 5V / 2A USB wall socket adapter (sold separately) for High Gain Mode to be operational.General Features
Harmonic Rhythms, Thumping Bass
The Creative Pebble Plus introduces a down-firing subwoofer. Get more out of your audio with dynamic highs and thumping bass for an immersive experience.
High Gain Mode
Want to get more out of the Creative Pebble Plus? With a simple switch of a button, access the High Gain Mode to increase the power output to 8W RMS for stronger bass performance and room-filling audio.
Bring It Up a Notch
Want even more volume? If you're using the Pebble Plus with an older model of desktop or notebook that is on USB 2.0, connect the Pebble Plus to a wall socket using a 5V / 2A USB adapter (not included). The 5V / 2A USB adapter allows you to achieve the maximum 8W RMS output, so you get louder, more powerful audio from the Pebble Plus for an all-encompassing audio experience.
Angled to 45°
Featuring 2" mid-range drivers that are angled perfectly at 45° to help ensure the sound reaches you accurately, the Pebble Plus speakers are designed with you as the center of attention, ensuring that detailed and immersive sound is portrayed through a wide and elevated soundstage.
Beauty in Simplicity
A combination of minimalism and performance, the simple yet definitively designed Creative Pebble Plus blends nicely into your desktop environment.
These speakers are powered entirely via a USB connection, eliminating the need for a wall power socket. Simply connect your devices to the Pebble Plus through the universal 3.5mm auxiliary input cable, and you're good to go. For added convenience, the front-facing volume controls are located at the front of the main speaker.
Modern 2.0 USB Desktop Speakers
Inspired by a zen Japanese rock garden, the orb-shaped Creative Pebble is a 2.0 speaker system that looks good in home and office settings. It features a 45° elevated sound stage for enhanced audio projection and is powered by a single USB cable for hassle-free music entertainment.

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